Aggabu pays tribute to dad

Aggabu Nyabinde, son of legendary musician, Bob Nyabinde, popularly known as the “Headmaster”, is following in his father’s footsteps. But while his father released his first album at the age of 40, he has done it at 20.

Aggabu Nyabinde
Aggabu Nyabinde

Aggabu, who says he was mentored by his father and has been part of award-winning bands, Club Shanga and Afro Vision. His seven-track album dubbed “ Pachopisa” is a fusion of jazz and afro contemporary music. He said he was not a natural singer but his father had nurtured him to be one.

“My father taught me the basics of the guitar and the rest I discovered on my own. The first song I played was Samanyemba. I really loved Dehwa’s music.” said Aggabu. Aggabu, who is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management at Midlands State University, said his father has always encouraged him to stay focused on his studies.

“Growing up as a son of a headmaster means a lot. My father told me that I could only survive in the music industry if I attained education first. This has helped me because many artists are exploited as they lack academic knowledge,” he said.

He said it was not an easy road to the production of his first album.

“Finance was a major obstacle in coming up with this album. I got support from my father and the Midlands State University. On this project, I collaborated with my friend and former Afro Vision band mate, Itai Sekeremo” he said.

His favorite song on the album is “Tsvitsa Tsvene”, a song that encourages young people of today to respect the institution of marriage. His father, whom he says did not want to be too involved in this project, only played the guitar in the song “Ndega”.

“I think my father just wanted me to be my own boss as he was not involved in this album. He wanted to see what I would do with the instruments alone and I thank him for that,” Aggabu said.

He described the highlight of his career as being a tour of Europe with Club Shanga after winning the 2010 Music Crossroads competition.

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