Drug craze hits Mutare

After the diamond craze, Mutare has been hit by the drug craze – with illegal drug dealing on the increase. Some drug cartels from Asia countries, notably China, and Russia have invaded the city.

“There are some sophisticated syndicates in the city who are middlemen for foreign drug barons. They sell drugs to prominent businessmen and selected individuals some as far as Mozambique,” said an inside source.

An aphrodisiac know as The Blue Diamond or BD is said to be popular among businessmen. Local pharmacist Tapiwa Mutasa said: “Blue Diamond is a sex inducement drug for men. Usually, they are sold privately and in Mutare I must admit that they have been in high demand.”

Methamphetamime, known as “Brongo” in Mutare is also popular, he said. “Brongo is a psychostimulant and sympathomimetic drug. It enters the brain and triggers a cascading release of norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin. Since it stimulates the mesolimbic reward pathway, causing euphoria and excitement, it is prone to abuse and addiction,” explained Mutasa.

The initial signs of abuse of this drug are hyperactivity, restlessness, increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and euphoria – followed by feelings of discomfort and depression and a craving to experience the drug again.

Sources who declined to be named said huge transactions are done in city hotels while the street deals are usually done at selected places, such as the Mr “T” car park, Motomoto and the BP Service Station known as Old Nandos.

One gram of Brongo is being sold for $20 while a pack of two pills of Blue Diamond are sold for $5.

Police spokesperson for Manicaland, Inspector Enock Chishiri, said the police had not received any official reports about illegal drug dealing. “As soon as we have such reports we will investigate,” he said. Parents have called for a nationwide campaign to curb drug abuse.

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