Early election victory

EDITOR - People wonder why President Robert Mugabe wants elections to be held this year. It seems a bit late to organise them now, but Mugabe seems convinced that it is possible and has even insisted that money has to be made available for the purpose. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai says elections can only be held after constitutional and election reforms are complete.

Mugabe wants early elections because he is 88-years-old and knows if elections were to be held several years from now, he would not be in fighting form. He is also cognizant that the MDC is getting stronger everyday with its local supporters backed by external assemblies like the MDC-USA, UK, Ireland and South Africa.

The other reason Mugabe is pushing for elections this year is the absence of reforms that favor his party, Zanu (PF). The media is state-controlled and with no media reforms in place, Mugabe knows this is an advantage to his party. Radio, television and some parts of the press like The Herald, remain loyal and act as mouthpieces for Zanu (PF).

Mugabe is also aware that his loyal security agencies are losing faith in him and that’s the reason several figures have been fostered in key areas, especially the CIO and the Military.

In November 2010, Henry Muchena from the Air Force of Zimbabwe was sent to the Zanu (PF) headquarters in Harare and assigned to lead a team of 300 army officers deployed around the country to help Mugabe’s party rebuild its warped structures. Chiweshe was in May 2011 unilaterally appointed by Mugabe as the new High Court Judge. He presided the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission that kept Mugabe in power in 2008 by withholding election results for a month while they altered figures to force a presidential run-off.

This clearly shows that Mugabe would rather have elections as soon as possible while the security agencies continue to terrorize the Zimbabwean people.

The MDC shouldn’t be forced to do what it considers the last priority on their agenda. The most visible item on the agenda is the constitution reform. This should also include the security, media and electoral reforms that will enable Zimbabweans to vote for a candidate of their choice. Tsvangirai and the MDC should remain resolute with interminable vision to help the Zimbabwean people. – Gideon T Kanyongo, by e-mail

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