Magistrate cancels Tsvangirai’s marriage certificate

A Harare Magistrate on Friday dealt Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai a blow when he cancelled his marriage licence to Elizabeth Macheka. This put his wedding on Saturday on hold, pending a High court appeal which was immediately lodged by Tsvangirai’s legal team. At the time of writing late Friday the appeal was still being heard.

 Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai
Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai

Magistrate Munamato Mutedzi’s judgement came as Heads of State and invited guests were making their way into Harare for the MDC-T leader’s big day. Media reports said Botswana President Ian Khama and the Swazi Prime Minister jetted into Harare on Friday afternoon.

Our Harare correspondent Simon Muchemwa told us his sources are claiming the wedding will continue, without the signing of certificates. On Thursday the Prime Minister’ spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka accused the state media of embarking on a smear campaign against the MDC President.

This was after a South African woman emerged on Thursday objecting to his wedding. Nosipho Regina Shilubane, claimed Tsvangirai had in January promised to marry her in December this year.

She filed an objection at the Harare Magistrates’ Court against Tsvangirai’s wedding with Macheka. But before the papers had been filed, the state media had already got copies and were leaking out the information.

‘Today’s claim was lodged with the newspapers before it was served on the PM’s lawyers and with the magistrates’ court. There are those who have obviously sought to dip political fingers in a social pie,’ Tamborinyoka said in statement.

Political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya told SW Radio Africa the relentless campaign against Tsvangirai is testimony of an intimidated ZANU PF, using state institutions like the CIO.

‘This is clearly coming from organizations suffering from misplaced priorities and whose past time is peddling rumours, half truths and disinformation,’ Ruhanya said. SW Radio Africa

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