Mugabe calls for ‘Import’ of Western music

President Robert Mugabe has urged the nation to embrace Western music. Speaking at the official opening of the Research and Intellectual Expo held in the capital recently, he said “I was watching TV and saw people in DRC having an orchestra while here we still like to play our marimbas. But we used to have such music here and I remember very well that I was a conductor of an orchestra during my school days.”

He also challenged institutios of higher learning to broaden their curricula to develop music and arts.

“I applaud the Midlands University for having already set the pace but more colleges and universities should also follow suit,” added Mugabe. He also implored donor agencies to pour in money to develop human capital.

“International organisation such as IMF and the World Bank should prioritise pouring money into African universities so that we can develop our human capital. But they will always have their priority on good governance and human rights.”

Midlands State University offers a degree in Musicology and has its Mbira Ensemble that has travelled widely. The late Taku Mafika, who is credited for teaching many young artists Mbira, was a graduate of Midlands. Africa University, a private institution in collaboration with the Zimbabwe College of Music also offers a degree programme in music, who graduates include Victor Kunonga, Hope Masike, Dudu Manhenga, and the late Dumi Ngulube and a host of others.

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