Plant what’s right for you

Farmers should be advised on what seed will grow best in their region in order to boost yields, Seed Co Extension Manager, Irvin Craig has said.

“It is crucial that farmers know all the Seed Co varieties as well as their varietal placement. I would like to urge all farmers to buy the right seeds for the correct ecological regions. The amount of fertilizer used should tally with the amount of seed and hectarage covered,” he said.

Seed Co Managing Director, Denias Zaranyika, advised farmers to buy seed from authorized retail outlets.

“There have been incidents in the past where farmers were duped into buying fake seeds,” he said. Zaranyika added that cheap seeds reduced yields.

“Farmers think that by buying cheap seeds they are saving but in actual fact, cheap seeds are expensive in that the projected yield dwindles and in the process farmers make losses,” he said.

Bumper harvest prize

The national prize for the Bumper Harvest Murigadzose promotion was awarded to a Zimbabwean Prison Services officer, Owen Marupeti.

He expressed gratitude to Seed Co for the prize and said the tractor would be an important asset to the Zimbabwean Prison Services farm.

“I am thankful to Seed Co for giving me the tractor and I would like to promise the Prison Service family that the tractor will benefit all of us,” he said.

The Bumper Harvest Murigadzose promotion is an annual consumer event started in 2010 with the aim of motivating farmers to use high yield varieties after decreased output in the agriculture sector.

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