Zanu (PF) headman threatens MDC supporters

A Zanu-PF village head who is also a headmaster at Mbuya Nehanda secondary school in Mberengwa, Munyaradzi Ndlovu, has threatened to evict all MDC supporters from his village saying they are sell-outs.

Ndlovu, a member of the disbanded Zanu-PF Mberengwa District Coordinating Committee (DCC), declared last week during his installation as village head for Moti village that all MDC supporters will be evicted soon.

Ndlovu was installed as the village head for the area to replace his father who had passed away.

In an interview with the Zimbabwean, Wellington Shava, the MDC T district secretary for party business, said party supporters who attended the installation ceremony held in Muchembere ward were told that they would never be allowed to benefit from any government programmes, for example food aid.

"Ndlovu and a group of war veterans openly declared during his installation as village head that all MDC supporters would soon be evicted because they are sell-outs.

"He said the MDC supporters would also not be allowed to benefit from any government programmes like the grain loan scheme. He said the MDC supporters should not benefit because they have always been against the government so they should look for help from America," said Shava.

When contacted for comment, Ndlovu said: "The people who have told you that information are MDC supporters who want to tarnish my image and the image of Zanu-PF."

Mberengwa has been a Zanu PF stronghold since independence, the party's militias and war veterans have been mostly terrorising opposition supporters in the past recent years.

Zanu-PF has declared war against MDC supporters in Mberengwa district saying their party should start setting up a refugee camp as they will be all forced to flee.

Last year, several MDC supporters fled their homes in Murongwe area in the same district after war veterans led by one Retired Major Shava raided their homes for boycotting a Zanu PF rally.

Early this year a group of war veterans were arrested after disrupting a constitutional parliamentary committee consultative meeting on the new constitution held at Vutsanana Secondary School in the same district.

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