Author blasts modern churches

Thomas Augusto, author of the book titled The Deceit of the Prosperity of Gospel, is challenging modern preachers to preach what is right - and not about worldly riches.

Modern churches are being lambasted for focusing on preaching about wealth, while neglecting other important issues.

Augusto blames modern preachers for distorting the gospel and imparting false teaching on the subjects of money, riches and material of possessions among Christians. He believes this is producing wrong attitudes, affections and ambitions.

He says the book is not directed at anyone in particular, but has been written to enlighten people on some important issues.

“The book is about defending the gospel – it is not against those who preach prosperity gospel, which is not the gospel of Jesus,” he said.

“We cannot ignore the effects of a world still in bondage and whose systems keep the majority of its people as servants to a few rich masters”.

“Those who preach the gospel of prosperity can be best described as those that don’t have the faith to work for themselves,” added the writer.

The book took him 12 years to complete. It comes at a time of proliferation of modern churches especially Pentecostal churches, where the gospel of prosperity has led many prophets to woo followers.

However, the prosperity prophets have hit back at critics, arguing that it is not God’s will for people to grapple with poverty and that prosperity comes from God.

In this country church leaders like Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa of United Family International, Prophet Ubert Angel and many others are credited with healing the sick and uplifting the poor.

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