Promoter fined as drunk fans wreck show

A music promoter has appealed to Zimbabwean music fans to be on their best behaviour when attending live shows. Patrick Sibanda, Livingway Music Promotions and Entertainment director, raised concern after crowd trouble reared its ugly head again at a popular venue here at the weekend.

Misbehaving fans, most of them apparently drunk, were involved in fights in and outside the hotel venue of popular rumba acts, Allen Ndoda and Madalaboy. The show was called to a premature end and police and members of the Fire Brigade were called to the scene as matters got out of hand.

Sibanda, who was slapped with a R4,000 fine by the hotel’s owners, is seething with anger following the disturbances.

“This is not the first time rumba music followers have misbehaved at this venue and there are now threats by the hotel’s owners not to host any shows involving Zimbabwean musicians. When that happens, then we will cry xenophobia yet we do not behave. I appeal to rumba music followers to be responsible as we now risk being banned from Safari.”

Nigerian nationals are not allowed into the venue following crowd trouble and allegations they defrauded the hotel.

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