Vigil replies to MDC

The Vigil is not allied to any political party although most of our supporters are MDC members. After reading our last diary, a leading MDC figure in the UK, while thanking us for our help over the demonstrations, complained that we were again criticizing that party.

Here is our reply: ‘We would like to assure you that we are not against the MDC. But we feel an obligation to be critical when the leadership is failing the party’s members. To do otherwise would be following the example of Zanu (PF).

If you were thinking of our criticism in the diary of Tsvangirai’s romances, we would point out that many people have expressed disappointment at his judgment – not least because of the Zanu (PF) connections of some of the ladies in question. If you were thinking of our comments about the Youth Assembly’s infantile toadying up to Tsvangirai we feel strongly that this reflects a type of ‘big man’ politics which surely has no place in a modern democracy.

We readily acknowledge that we have criticized the party’s leadership over a range of issues: principally for their failure to see that the four-year-old GPA has been implemented and the alacrity with which some have jumped on the gravy train. The Vigil believes that our leaders must be held to account and if they are found wanting they must be replaced.

Despite all this, the Vigil applauds the many MDC members working bravely and unselfishly for change. Without the support of these members the party would not exist. They and you have every right, if not a duty, to criticize the leadership when it fails.

Despite our comments about the Youth Assembly, the Vigil would like to express our admiration for its imprisoned Chair, Solomon Madzore, who writes: ‘The Zanu (PF) machinery can only imprison our bodies and never our spirits. We are free inside ourselves. They are the ones shackled in a perpetual prison of fear, guilt and shame.

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