Election free and fair: Makarau

The election has been described by Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Chairperson Rita Makarau as free and fair.

Rita Makarau
Rita Makarau

Responding to journalists at the first press conference at the national command centre at Harare International Conference Centre on the just-ended plebiscite Makarau said:

“Reports coming in from most provinces have generally gone well though some polling stations are still winding up. In Bulawayo queues were short with few people coming to cast their votes. In Mashonaland East, most districts experienced long queues except for Mutoko districts. In Mash Central there were high numbers of people being assisted to vote and that is normal.”

She said according to Section 55 of the Electoral Act all people in the queues by the time of closure would be given the chance to vote.

“Even if it means getting to midnight to clear those in queues, we will do that,” said Makarau.

Speaking at the same occasion, ZEC deputy chairperson Joyce Kazembe added that more statistics would be reported tomorrow as most stations were beginning to count votes.

“We do not have any statistics at the moment, but we thought it would be important to give an update of the closure of elections. While we have received reports that there have been people who were voting using fake slips of voter registration, investigations are underway to find out what is really taking place and we would be telling you as we progress,” she said.

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