Girl and ape are best of ‘pri-mates’

A six-year-old Hertfordshire girl has an unusual best friend - an orang-utan called Rishi who lives in a US safari park.

Emily Bland, from St Albans, and her unusual pal first met as toddlers and have gone on to form a strong bond that has lasted years. The pair were introduced back in 2008 when Emily’s photographer father Barry took her with him on a shoot at the Myrtle Beach Safari park in South Carolina.

And like something out of The Jungle Book Emily and Rishi happily played for hours together, with Emily even giving Rishi a lift in her doll’s pushchair.

Despite the fact Emily and Rishi live on different sides of the Atlantic, the firm friends have met up regularly over the years to enjoy a whole host of fun and games. The pals’ most recent get together happened last month when Rishia demonstrated just what a cheeky monkey he is by spitting water at Emily during a swimming session.

It is thought that the pair have developed a special friendship due to the fact they met so young – forming a bond similar to that of brother and sister.

However, as the pair grow up their friendship naturally has to change. Rishi is developing at a much quicker pace than Emily and is already strong enough to pick up a fully-grown human.

And while he isn’t aggressive in the slightest, this means that soon he and Emily will not be able to enjoy the same kind of rough and tumble.

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