My hero, my Zim

“My ideal hero is the late Chief Justice and politician, Enoch Dumbutshena.

David Coltart
David Coltart

“Dumbutshena was a courageous man of integrity, blessed with a humorous character. He had a rare and incredible passion for Zimbabwe. His compassionate with the people was heart touching.

“Unfortunately, Dumbutshena could not make a good politician because he was too honest for politics, otherwise he could have been our Madhibha (Nelson Mandela).”

Dumbutshena was a distinguished Zimbabwe Judge known for defending the independence of the country’s judiciary.

He became Zimbabwe’s first black judge in 1980. From 1984-1990 was Chief Justice.

Dumbutshena was born in 1920 at Marshall Hartley Mission near Makwiro, Zimbabwe. He did his primary education at Marshall Hartley and Waddilove Institution, before proceeding to Adams College in South Africa for a certificate in elementary teaching (1946).

He returned to Rhodesia and taught at several schools including St Augustines, Penhalonga and Mzilikazi in Bulawayo. While teaching, he studied for Bachelar of Arts in History and Politics with the University of South Africa.

To enhance his professionalism he further studied for a Diploma in Education at Fort Hare in South before embarking on a Bachelar of Education with UNISA.

He had a stint in journalism as he turned into a freelance writer for Drum and the Central African Examiner 1957-1959.

Dumbutshena later received a specialist grant from the USA government to study journalism in America.

While in America, a friend advised him not to return to Rhodesia as he would be arrested.

This is when Dumbutshena decided to study law.

After his legal studies, Dumbutshena became the third black man after Herbert Chitepo and Edison Sithole to practice as advocate in Rhodesia.

He was a careful speaker who weighed his words before talking. – David Coltart. He is Zimbabwe Minister for Education, Sport, Arts and Culture.

Tsvangirai is my hero.He has been beaten, called a British puppet made to lose his wife but he never surrendered. – Anon

“Joshua Nkomo thats my alltime hero” – Mpiilox Sithole

Definitely, who on earth would deny that, “Father Zimbabwe” Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo is really everybody’s hero. Overall, he has been worldwide aknowledged as a wise, peacefully minded leader hence humbled. He disliked tribalism and racism.When he passed on, elders from all walks of could be seen sobbing. He will be my heroe till Amen. – Lizwelethu Mayezane Ncube (Kezi)

Mr Morgan Tsvakson Tsvangirai is my hero because he fight for my freedom, he let the people for Zanu PF start recominding us because they need our quote, count my MDC T – Anon

His Excellency President Robert Gabriel Mugabe. – Ndinashe Richard Mabheka

My mum is my hero after we lost our father our mother never abandoned the family She was there for our family. She never remarries. Now Takura.- Rungano Mtetwa

“My hero is the late basketball legend coach Ronald Garura who contributed a lot in sport fraternity. He develop my life of my brother. Edmond whos ex basketbal star. – M Nomatter Mtetwa

Sir Charles Matorera has said it all. He, Sir Charles Matorera, Hon Brighton Musonza, Dr Ruffcuts Wear Marco Machona are my heroes too. They have taken my world to another level. – Reason Raymond Martin

“My herone is my daughter Elsa Vimbai. She is worth more than 100 workmates. – Josphat Tarenyika.

Our hero is Morgan T sekuru vaudzei kuti presure. – Anon

Tsvangirai zvazvinhu Mugabe bvuma wasakara we love V of the V. – Anon

My hero is God because he made me in the image of God without God I am nothing & my hero is my mother because he raised me when I was young. – Tanya Moyo

My heroes are the guys who participated in the constitutional draft. They managed to carve a better legal framework for Zim. The civilian Zimbo is now fully protected. However the participants ignored the crucial issue on the admin of justice within the disciplined forces. subordinates are illtreated or discharged willynilly, disciplinary trials manipulated by superious, sentences are too discreationary and prone to abuse. A simple offence can cause one to be detained. – Anon

Tsvangirai is the hero of people’s rights and Zimbabwe. – Anon

My true hero is Eddison Zvogbo, Jairos Jiri and big Joshua Nkomo. – Cde Zvaduuzvaduka.

My hero is Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai, fambai navo Save tivapedzere. You are so brave and God bless you. – Anon

My hero is Thomas Mapfumo, I would say so because he provided his Chimurenga lyrics during the struggle supporting our comrades, currently he is a musical hero who doesn’t fear to sing the truth as he did yester years. To me he is the symbol of the values of the liberation struggle and of the currenty one. – Anon

“My President to be Prof. Welshem Ncube. He has changed the political landscape in three regions so far but thumbs up to him.” – Mehleli Ndlovu

Baba Jukwa he is preempting Mugabe’s murderers tactics. – Anon

My Hero is a living man, Dr Morgan Tsvangirai, he was born by a brick maker and grew up in one of the poorest Districts in Zimbabwe, he worked in the mines and led the country’s powerful trade union, today he is the Leader of the country’s largest political party and soon he will be the first President to have people at heart. MORGAN IS MORE!!! – Charles Matorera

“Inspired by Morgan R.Tsvangirai, he continue to inspire people whatever the situation is at home or abroad. He does nt care whatever happen to his family, by the time he was beaten and when he lost his beloved, it was possible for him to leave politics, but he went on to inspire a Change” – Shadreck Baipai

RIP mother Zimbabwe. Yoh presents could mean a difference in 2day’s political situation. Her identical twin was the late mother Qobgo Mudenge. Vakanaka havararame. – Merphias Ruvengo

My mum is my hero. Because she stand for me every when all the world turned back on me. – Anon

A true heroine she was Amai Sally. Too bad she is not with us, l’m sure things could have been different. – Regis Kaledza

My sister, as she was the one that kept on reminding me that I can accomplish anything in life if I stay focused, and today I am where I wanted to be as a child. – Eddy Walkerley

The mother to the nation! Greatly missed! – Mwamba Payne

In response to the Sally Mugabe post:

A true mother, R.I.P – Charles Sau Banda

Mai venyika, mai vevanhu, mai vehunhu, mai verudadiso, vachirera nherera, mai vasina chipomerwa zororai murugareeee, Mother Peace.- Sydney Tembo

“I am inspired by Priscilla Misihairambwi-Mushonga. I admire her political stance especially when it comes to fighting for women to be involved in decision making processes. She is one woman who has managed to stand up for justice and although she has gone through a lot, she is still there fighting for justice.” – Tracy Gatawa (24).

Thokozani Khupe my heroine. – Mai Trevor

“My hero. Ndabaningi Sithole.because he was the first person to refuse one party state, Zapu and ZUM were both swallowed by Zanu PF” – Jealous Sithole

Mother will remain our lantern and beacon of hope and pride of being Zimbabwean! – Munyaradzi Chakuinga

“My hero is the late Sally Mugabe who was a caring mother with a big heart. Sally was a forthright personality, who inspired me to devote my life to the welfare of the underprivileged members among communities. She remains a shinning icon in Zimbabwe and her spirit lives on among the nation. She was popularly known as Amai (Mother) in Zimbabwe because of her love for the people. Sally was a teacher by profession but devoted her life to independent political activism. She initiated orphanages for the benefit of the less privileged children.” -Tracy Mutinhiri.

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