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I want a peaceful and corruption free Zimbabwe. Where we have affordable education that accommodates orphans and vulnerable children. I want a Zimbabwe that upholds the right of freedom of worship. - David Madziwa

David Madziwa
David Madziwa

Ndoda Zimbabwe inotigadzirira mabasa hama dzangu dzokai kuZimbabwe tivotere new Zimbabwe. – Ignatious Mandaza: via SMS

I love to be in zimbabwe and l enjoy my country Zim. Do you love your country as l love my Zim? Kis!!kiseee to zim. – via SMS

Lasting stability, improved infrastructure, the opportunities each Zimbabwean deserves #myZim, but above all recognition!. – Luke [email protected]

I want a Zimbabwe where services are readily available and affordable. A Zimbabwe full of job opportunities. I wish for a Zimbabwe that upholds its culture and where men pay fixed bride price to minimise cases of people paying huge sums of money even after the death of the wife. – Peter Emmanuel

A change of government so that other political parties are given a chance to rule so that citizens can have a feel of a different government. We have been promised land and jobs by Zanu (PF) but we never got anything. – Thomas Mpofu

I want a Zimbabwe where I can get national identification documents. At 26 years and born of blind parents I do not have any identification documents and I wish for a Zimbabwe that can afford me these documents. – Andrew Keto

A zimbabwe which is a total contrast of the current one. – Addmore Kabaya

A Zimbabwe that hogs international spotlight for all good reasons. I also wish to see all sectors of the economy revived including Agriculture so that Zimbabwe reclaims her bread basket status. – Peter Tavagwisa in Lesotho Always a Zimbabwean via SMS

A zimbabwe which a president can be voted out when not wanted. – Addmore Kabaya

We need money to develop our project. – via SMS

We want a gvt which will consider the plight of unemployed graduates. – via SMS

I want a Zimbabwe with its own currency that is strong against other currencies. A Zimbabwe where I can buy all luxuries I like. – Lloyd Kanyemba

My greatest wish 4 the future of Zimbabwe #myzim is that we be recognised 4 who we are: intelligent, passionate, welcoming. – Luke [email protected]

A free Zimbabwe. – via SMS

We need our zimbabwe to be back to its old days where education is not expensive and us youth be able to go to universities of our choice and get jobs lesley breesy. – via SMS

“I constantly wonder how we are going to detox ourselves from almost three and a half decades of chronic misinformation and paralytic distortion of our history. lol! if scientifically we need the same number of years to completely cleanse our mentality of this era, then my generation will be the one thats gone through a life of misery from youth to demise.”- Exaverio Dafa

Exaverio Dafa
Exaverio Dafa

I want a Zimbabwe with peace without violence. Where our farms are productive and people can afford cheap but good quality food. – Brian Goso

Cheap communication to all networks. – via SMS

I want Zimbabwe to have peaceful and fair elections-elections that won’t result many families to continue starving..#Myzim. – Britoh B @Brianchidzomba

A zimbabwe with zero tolerance 2 corruption. – Addmore Kabaya

We want jobs “ we are struggling no money. – via SMS

I want A Peaceful Zimbabwe. via SMS

We want freedom. – via SMS

@ a new Zimbabwe: Surely after all the billions diamonds and other minerals Zimbabwe has churned out we still dont have a major road especially from Beitbridge to Chirundu. The country has lost revenue as trucking companies now use the Botswana route from South Africa to Congo and Zambia. Surely our country, which belongs to one and all, is being run like a cartel if anything else. This should stop! – Exaverio Dafa

I want a Zimbabwe where I can get a job and work for my family. I have four kids and only worked once in my life in 2004. I tried vending but have failed to acquire a stand at any people’s markets and municipal police has destroyed my business through arrests. I also want a Zimbabwe where people are not cowed to favour certain political parties of not their choice. – Tichaona Maziriri

Tichaona Maziriri
Tichaona Maziriri

A zimbabwe whose natural resources are used 2 develop the country. – Addmore Kabaya

We as zimbabwean we want jobs and better salaries. 90% of Zimboz are jobless and prices to go down. – Lancie Liwanda

I long for a country where there are equal opportunities for everyone regardless of their political affiliation.I want a country where there is minimal if no corruption at all. Service provision should be a priority so that citizens enjoy their right to good life. – Svodai Bhema

“peace,unity a love”. – Wilson Ketani

I dont care which political blueprints be it JUICE or ART that the MDC-T sells to me as long as their district treasurer for Mhangura, David Zungura, continues to abuse my late father’s house as a political consultancy office without paying me for the services. I demand the right to development, human or otherwise. – White Mvula, Mhangura via SMS

The Zimbabwe i want is where there is peace and harmony. As we head towards elections, there should be a guarantee of people’ safety from political violence. I want a country where i do not fear that it is election time again. – Tafadzwa Chifamba

I want a Zimbabwe where there are jobs and i am guaranteed that i will get my pension after retirement. – Thomas Navhaya

I wish for a Zimbabwe that is able to cater for the health needs of its citizens. Give us affordable health care and then everything else comes thereafter. – Faith Nyabadza

A pollitically stable one. – via SMS

I want a just society that respects people’s rights. Zimbabwe should reert back to being the bread basket of Southern Africa, then we know we are getting there. – Charlie Bee

That’s exactly what l want, a Zimbabwe full of opportunities. – Calvin Makuyana

In rembering the late vice president l think a new stadium must be constructed in Byo and be named Joshua Nkomo stadium e.g Mandela bay in S.A Nkomo was a heroe too. – via SMS

Give people in high density areas a chance to elect people who hail from there. Zimbabwe to appeal to the hague for the arresting of american sec of state john kerry edwards for killing innocent farmers, fishermen, babies and children in 1975 in vietnam. – Help Mabwe via SMS

Zimbabwe need much money to save the employers & help those who are suffering from many different types of diseases. – via SMS

We want a zim where there is less corruption,high employment rate, less exploitation of the working class especialy in chinese ind & love among the Zimbabweans ourselves. – Freddy Kombora

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