New drama highlights barbaric 2008 torture

As part of its campaign for national healing and peace, Bulawayo theatre group Victory Siyanqaba Trust will next week launch a new play focusing on human rights violations committed by the government since Independence.

The play will be premiered at the Hillbrow theatre in Johannesburg. Desire Moyo, the Director of the Trust who is also the author of the play, said the group had decided to launch in South Africa because of the sensitivity of the play.

It highlights human rights violations during the Gukurahundi era, the land invasions, Operation Murambatsvina and the gruesome 2008 election violence, when many thousands were subject to barbaric forms of torture.

Moyo said there was need for the government to accept responsibility for the atrocities before the process of national healing can be started.

“Our play epitomizes the suffering of innocent citizens during these hard times. We are saying that in order for the nation to go forward, they should be a trust and reconciliation commission like what happened in South Africa,” said Moyo.

Victory Siyanqoba Trust was formed in 2008 as a community theatre group specializing in social commentary and protest theatre in pursuit of human right and freedoms.

The group has been commissioned by civil society organizations in campaigns for peace and other important events that have a contribution to the democratization agenda.

The group was transformed into a trust in May 2011 and initiated various community projects in direct combat against torture, violence, HIV/AIDS and human right violations.

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