Voters Roll in Your Hands – Check if You are Registered

What a week it has been! Even much more importantly we have just over a week to go!!

The Johannesburg District visited the home of former President Nelson Mandela and the hospital where he is receiving medical attention to say their prayers for him. May he get well soon.

The Constitutional Court decided on two important matters relating to citizenship and voting from outside the borders of Zimbabwe. We will save the forests on these two important issues, for now..

The President of the United States of America was in South Africa where he made it clear that it is preposterous to deny the citizens of your country their rightful freedoms simply because you can. One of these inalienable rights, is the right to vote in an environment of peace and tranquillity and where the result of such a vote is respected.

Even much more important, though, is that we have a just over a week to go to register to vote.

If you have previously registered to vote, the starting point is in your hands, literally.

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