A tribute to MDC leaders

EDITOR - How we have longed for change and hope and new life and a fresh start. Despite the chaotic run-up to the elections and the warning signs of a different kind of trouble brewing, we hoped against hope that this would be the time.

The MDC have walked a very stony path. So often, it seems they have put aside the easy or the exploitative in service of the people and the nation.

Over the years it would have been possible to have sacrificed the masses to the security forces, bringing people out onto the streets to be cut down, an Arab Spring type uprising that would have played to the international media. But the MDC did not do that.

As we look at Syria, Tunisia and Egypt, at the horror of prolonged on-going civil unrest and war with all its attendant destruction and legacy of bitterness and hatred that may continue for generations, I am grateful.

It would have been possible to say no to the GPA and leave Zanu (PF) to stew in their own mess. But the MDC did not do that. With the interests of the people at heart, their leaders rolled up their sleeves, got stuck into the whole unholy (I use the word advisedly) mess and made a significant difference to the nation.

The improvements since 2008 have been dramatic but have also created conditions that have led to a reduction in the frenzied hunger for change that existed in the run-up to 2008. – Steve, by email

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