Apex Council at Zanu’s mercy

The Apex Council, a body that brings together civil servants’ unions in salary negotiations with the government, admitted recently that leadership divisions had reduced their bargaining power.

In an interview with The Zimbabwean, Apex Council Chairperson, David Dzatsunga, said lack of consensus among unions had led to the government dictating salary increments.

This month, President Robert Mugabe promised civil servants an increment of 5,3 percent and the Apex Council said they could have negotiated something better had they been united.

The Council has been rocked by leadership wrangles following last year’s election when College Lecturers Association of Zimbabwe President, David Dzatsunga, was elected as chairperson.

The Public Service Association boycotted the elections saying they were unconstitutional and has since then refused to endorse the Apex Council leadership.

The development led to the government telling the Apex Council to put their house in order first before they could meaningfully engage them on the issue of salary increments.

“We should be able to make an input as far as the issue of salary increments is concerned. The government cannot just dictate what they want to give us. The new constitution provides for collective bargaining.

“We had a meeting on Wednesday that sought to realign the Apex Council because we realise the importance of doing away with leadership squabbles,” said Dzatsunga.

He blamed outgoing Public Service Minister, Lucia Matibenga, for causing divisions within the Apex Council.

“She chose to come up with an unusual interjection that there were factions within the Apex Council yet it was the Apex Council versus the PSA,” said Dzatsunga.

Dzatsunga challenged the incoming Zanu (PF) government to fulfill pledges it made during the campaign period.

“We really look forward to the new dispensation and fulfillment of the promises made by President Robert Mugabe to improve the plight of civil servants in Zimbabwe,” said Dzatsunga.

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