Betrayed by MDC

EDITOR - Supporting the MDC is like pushing a car without an engine. Now people are tired and exhausted. The MDC is now a means for individuals to make money.

I feel sorry for the people of Zimbabwe who want change. They have sacrificed their money, reputation and security to support the MDC but the MDC still behaves like a private company. Now oppressed Zimbabweans have been betrayed by Tsvangirai and the MDC.You may ask why l don’t blame Zanu (PF) now. The problem now is the MDC has propped up ZANU by going into the GNU.

The party entered the July 31 election knowing it would be rigged – the MDC which is now being dominated by materialism, pleasure and riches.Mugabe and his government destroyed white commercial farms because they gave moral and financial support to Tsvangirai and his MDC. So they had to be eliminated once and for all.

Communism does not care whether you are contributing to national development once you become an enemy of the state you must be eliminated and your business must be destroyed. – Safiria Matombo, by email

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