Black Bird to unite out-of-town cats

Popular female hip hop artist Black Bird has revealed that she is set to collaborate with rappers across the country in a bid to promote disadvantaged talents outside the capital city.

Black Bird
Black Bird

Black Bird’s move comes following her recent performance in Bulawayo alongside renowned rappers POY and Pozee at the “Its Bigger than Hip Hop” show where she was the guest of honour. The former radio personality identified other talents in the form of Scandalous, Tootsie, Black Lips among other notable rappers from the city of Kings.

“I think I will be doing collaborations with cats (rappers) from Bulawayo. The first one will be with POY and then Lady Thug (formerly known as GCI from Chamhembe days). She is my favourite Zimbabwean female rapper… after me that is.

“I am looking forward to collaborating with emcees from all over Zimbabwe if possible because there is a lot of talent outside Harare,” she said, lamenting that the music industry in general was too focused on the capital.

“All the major media, the biggest newspapers and all television and radio stations are in Harare so other cats don’t get the exposure they deserve. Hopefully you try to help by bridging that gap. This is me laying foundation for the Zimbabwe Hip hop Association. When we tried to start it last year people around Zimbabwe gave more support than those in Harare so I’m shifting the focus a little, but Harare cats will obviously be welcome to participate,” said the mother of two.

Meanwhile, Black Bird will be launching her Hip-hop page on an online showbiz website She is also currently working on a Hip-hop television show and has filmed six episodes so far.

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