Chinese dominance to continue

China’s domination in Zimbabwe is set to continue as news of Zanu (PF)’s election victory has met with widespread condemnation from the West.

A Chinese worker at a coal extraction plant.
A Chinese worker at a coal extraction plant.

Analysts have said China’s monopolistic ties with Zimbabwe are not beneficial for the Southern African nation. Some contend that if Zimbabwe had options, it would increase the country’s bargaining power when it comes to negotiating business deals.

Political analyst, Rejoice Ngwenya, does not see anything changing as far as Zimbabwe’s relationship with China is concerned.

“It will continue to be business as usual. The Chinese are business people. They are not there to appease Zanu (PF),” Ngwenya said.

John Robertson, an economist, said it should not matter where Zimbabwe’s friends came from but rather how they behave.

“The Chinese typically bring their own labour and when they produce they do so for the Chinese market. Employment growth goes to China and not to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has in the past been better served by Western investors but I hope there can be a change,” he said.

University of Zimbabwe political scientist, Charity Manyeruke, said Zimbabwe should be guided by its national interest as a sovereign state in its engagement with outside partners.

“Any relationship that ensures maintenance of land and agrarian reform must be welcomed. The issues that are important are increasing productivity and access to markets,” she said.

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