Majome traces path to victory

Jessie Fungai Majome is one of the few MDC-T Members of Parliament elected back into office in the recent disputed elections. “It is like a very huge yoke has been lifted off my shoulders,” said the former Deputy Minister of Women’s Affairs, Gender and Community Development.

Lone Ranger Jessie Majome:  everything I tried to do was not supported.
Lone Ranger Jessie Majome: everything I tried to do was not supported.

“There is nothing that I am going to miss from my tenure as deputy minister in the government of national unity,” she added. “I have been working in very difficult circumstances. Even the ministry’s administration was bent on pulling me down. It was no easy walk,’ she said.

Majome told The Zimbabwean that her days at the ministry resembled those of a ‘lone ranger’.

“Everything that I tried to do for the benefit of women was not supported. Officials in the ministry hardly supported me,” she said. “It drained me emotionally, socially and physically. My presence was hardly recognised. This is why you see that there is no incoming or outgoing mail on my desk,” said Majome. “Party politics reigned supreme.”

Majome, was re-elected to represent Harare West constituency, garnering 9,996 votes against Zanu (PF)’s Varaidzo Mupunga who got 3,530, Maria Salome Rice from the Welshman Ncube MDC with 772, Francis Sibanda of Zapu who got 45 and the Zimbabwe Democratic Party’s Julius Mudakuvaka who got 29 votes.

She received over 2,000 more votes than in 2008, and told The Zimbabwean that this could be a sign that what she had done for her community was ‘visible’.

“My projects are there for all to see and I hope that before the end of the year, I would have completed the ones that were almost finished. Being re- elected back into office is a humbling experience. It could be that the people in my constituency have faith in me because of what I have done during my tenure in office,” she said.

“For their trust in me to represent them on ‘the green bench’, I avail myself as a servant leader, ready to engage and link the electorate to the arm of government responsible for policy formulation. Until I have achieved my set strategies to develop the constituency, I will not rest,” she said.

She revealed that she had ‘eight strategies’ for Harare West, which include setting up an office in the constituency where she will be physically present, conducting a baseline survey to identify the needs of the people, improving maternal health services for pregnant mothers and setting up initiatives that foster participation, while fundraising for community projects.

“It is my intention to work to the best of my ability towards erasing the culture of apathy and patronage and replace that with the spirit of participation and engagement,” added Majome.

“Solutions come from within. Legislators should reach out and embrace the wealth of ideas from our communities because there are a lot of talented people,” she said.

She takes forward into her new term some key lessons on the importance of political tolerance. “I take forward characteristics and ways of making sure that one effectively engages and co- exists with political opponents,” she said. “Challenging times make us stronger. I am ready to work for Harare West and make sure that the people in my constituency attain the highest quality of life. I want them to appreciate their choice,” said Majome.

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