Mass exodus feared

There has been talk of a mass exodus as people fear the economic and political implications of a Zanu (PF) victory.

The recent polls saw President Robert Mugabe claim a landslide victory over the Prime Minister, Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC. Tsvangirai, who is challenging Mugabe’s victory citing ‘gross irregularities’, said the outcome had the potential to plunge the country into a serious economic and political crisis.

Economic analyst, Eric Bloc, said while the exodus of citizens had adverse effects on the country’s working force, in the long run, their search for greener pastures had the potential to increase revenue inflows into the country. “It is not a very good development considering that the country will continue to lose its skills base. In the long run, however, the exodus of citizens has the potential to increase revenue as citizens send money back home,” said Bloc.

A report released by the Human Rights Watch entitled: ‘Neighbors in need- Zimbabweans seeking refuge in South Africa’ revealed that since 2005, an estimated 1,5 million Zimbabweans fled into South Africa.

The report stated that: “Citizens ran away from persecution, fleeing the brutal crackdown on political opponents of President Robert Mugabe in the aftermath of the March 2008 disputed election.”

Recent interviews revealed that citizens are preparing to relocate to neighboring countries such as South Africa, Botswana and Namibia in the event that the country’s economy reverts back to the 2008 era.

Kedha Mapengo from Chitungwiza said: “We are a cursed generation. We hardly enjoyed the benefits of being educated. There is no employment and seeking refuge in other countries is the next best option.”

Tawanda Chirisa from Budiriro in Harare said: “Zanu (PF) leadership failed us for the past 33 years, there is nothing new they can bring besides destroying what the government of national unity has achieved.”

Another Budiriro resident, Keresiya Washaya, said: “We are just keeping our fingers crossed, but we know for sure that before the month ends, things will have changed for the worst.”

Lust Chinodya, an MDC activist who is in hiding after being threatened by members of Chipangano, said he was staying behind to continue with the ’struggle for democracy’.

“Running away is not the solution. I have been in the struggle for democracy since the formation of this party and I will not quit now.”

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