MDC filled with Zanu (PF) moles

EDITOR - I don’t trust Tsvangirai and his MDC filled with Zanu (PF) moles. One HOPES that behind the scenes the Western world gets up off its ass and does something because from the African side, apart from Botswana who wanted the election audited or rerun, SADC has proven itself TOTALLY WORTHLESS beyond all measure.

South Africa has been a two-faced back-stabber (as usual – so what’s new?). Mugabe is spitting on the opposition. He says they were tossed around like “garbage” and he goes on to pooh pooh them as “Western sponsored stooges”. The only tiny glimmer of hope so far is that apparently Mugabe offered the MDC another GNU (Government of National Unity) and Tsvangirai turned it down.

I am outraged at the thought that you can win an election and then in the resultant “negotiations” you can have your entire win negated and ripped out from under your feet.

The MDC before 2008 and got nothing. In 2008 they proved to the world that they won – then they were screwed over with the GNU. Why compromise when you won? Why let Tsvangirai be the Prime Minister when he won the election as president (multiple times now). I don’t trust Tsvangirai and his MDC filled with Zanu (PF) moles.

Before the election MDC knew that Zanu would rig. How come the MDC fail to learn from the past? They failed to put people in the streets to protest. Now they go to court. They think Mugabe’s court will endorse a rerun?

Never!Dealing with Mugabe needs confrontation and employment of all tactics used in war. Tsvangirai and his American friends have been outmaneuvered by Mugabe, South Africa and African allies. I believe there are two options in a struggle: to fight wholeheartedly or not to at all.

The Americans and many parties refused with their monies to support a revolution. Maybe they have nothing to benefit from black Zimbabweans. Obama and his CIA won’t do anything.

My personal assessment why the CIA won’t support a revolution in Zimbabwe is because it has massive potential to burn out of control and spill into several countries in the region.Well, whatever the reason, the end result is pathetic.

My only remaining teeny glimmer of hope is that something is done SECRETLY and eventually something will come of it. – Jonathan, by email

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