MDC must stand as one – OUTSIDE cabinet

EDITOR – Divide and rule has always been Zanu (PF)’s strategy. Even its president uses it to keep the party from disintegrating by playing one faction against the other. The party’s so-called landslide victory was not only a blatant subversion of the people’s will by the military junta, but a well calculated ploy i to weaken, divide the opposition and keep it at bay. The discord regarding the way forward emanating from Harvest House points to the effect.

The so-called victory was nothing more than a brazen act of thuggery that served to galvanize a party tottering on the verge of collapse due to deep-seated factionalism. If the MDC doesn’t read the riot act, we could as well wave it goodbye. At stake here is whether its elected parliamentarians will forsake all democratic principles and join the thuggish cabinet.

If not well managed, we could as well have a repeat of the 2005 events in which two splinter groups emerged; the pro and anti-senate faction. Now, it will be the pro and anti-cabinet faction. That in itself, will be the last nail in its own coffin and the junta will salivate, as the opposition would have played in its hands.

At this juncture, leadership change at the party’s helm could as well be political suicide. Morgan Tsvangirai is the greatest threat to Zanu (PF) power monopoly. Removing him will make the Junta score another easy goal. Of course, they resorted to manipulation and other subtle means of rigging, with full knowledge that their tired, old candidate could not win a free and fair race against Tsvangirai.

It’s indeed an acid test for the MDC-T. The vote was stolen, even a blind man could see it; the electoral petition is before the courts, but even a deaf man needs not inquire the outcome. It’s already known, in the same manner Zanu (PF) knew the outcome of the election before the ballot was cast.

Unless it comes up with tough measures, decisive strategies and stands as one in its quest for democracy, then the scribes may soon write MDC’s obituary – fallen, forsaken, to rise no more. –TICH Chihwehwete, by email

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