MDC wasting resources by going to court

Now that he has said it on Heroes and Defence Forces Day what more will the world expect from him. There is not any other truth than this. We will not let go of our "victory' says Zanu leader. Already he has influenced the judges by saying that. So whatever they might decide to say in their ruling. As long as its not in their favour they wont respect the rule of law. And it wont be a surprise because it has always been their tradition of disregarding court rulings even international on

So the MDC's move of going to court is a waste of precious time, resources and not making use of the anger and momentum within people"s nerves after such massive robbery. They are repeating it like in 2008 when they did not capitalise on the situation at their disposal to get to what the people want.

Shame I dont know who advises them. And at one time they say no to joining the government and later to backtrack. I feel so pained. Even if they join they cant change or do anything, what then will it be that the failed to do when they were there and when they still had an upper hand sort of in the previous admin. Surely, surely i dont know. LET THEM BE WARNED, if they are so comfortable in joining them let them go ahead but soon rather than later they are going to be OVERTAKEN by events.

Least they have forgotten about the famous letter of years gone by by the Catholic Bishops Conference which goes like "GOD HEARS THE CRIES OF THE OPPRESSED" Some of us were taken to task for reading and translating it to the church congregants those days.

He is there above and He hears and He will one day answer. And when he does so He answers by FIRE.

Yours in the struggle

Andy Kay.

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