More to women than lipstick

There is more to women than weaves and lipstick, according to promising female filmmaker, Felicitas

She made the statement at the Zimbabwe Documentary Exhibition facilitated by Rabia Williams, Alba Sotorra and
Maira Sala from Spain.

It showcased the work of Zimbabwean female documentary makers from 2009 and 2012.

The first workshop focused on documentary directing, story construction, elements of
storytelling, setting characters and story development.

The exhibition showcased the documentaries done by
some of the women who participated in the workshops.

The character vignettes are like a patchwork of different
characters and reflections on Zimbabwe.

“The workshops have been very useful. I have managed to gain
comprehensive skills in filmmaking,” said Kavayi.

She has had the opportunity to produce a
documentary for an organisation that provides humanitarian aid.

However, she lamented the serious lack of funding in the
film industry, mainly owing to the political situation in the country.

“It’s expensive to hire the equipment needed to produce a documentary
or film. This has been the major challenge for most women. I think our political situation has been the
major hindrance because it determines the performance of the industry.
If it’s stable, the industry will be conducive,” she said.

According to the young filmmaker, women in Zimbabwe are creative and have great potential.

“If sponsors trust us with their funds, we will work wonders.
The industry will survive for the next generation. We are mothers and
we do this for our children who will carry on our legacy.”

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