Mushore capture national chess championships

Emerald Mushore won the just ended Men's Nationals held during the Heroes Holiday. He shrugged off the stiffest competition from International Master Rodwell Makoto whom he defeated in a pulsating game. He shocked the people because most of them expected IM Makoto to run away with the title. Makoto, the defending Champion, failed to perform according to expectations.

His chance to regain the title was dampened by Castro Sibanda to whom he lost his second game. The final table of points showed Mushore with the highest points followed by Makoto with 6 points. Castro Sibanda was third with 5,5 points. On fourth position there was a tie between Bismarck Bhobhojani and Elisha Thabo who had 4 points each. Another tie was there in 6th position – with Elisha Chimbamu, Dion Moyo and Lloyd Moyo all scoring 4 points out of 9 games of play.

Byron Gurajena and Spencer ' Spoon' Masango were tied on the 9th position. Spencer Masango found the going tough in this year's Nationals. He won one game and drew three games. He lost to Byron Gurajena, Castro Sibanda, Bismarck Bhobhojani and IM Makoto. He defeated Elisha Chimbamu and drew agaist the winner Mushore, Elisha Thabo in a tightly contested game before drawing his final game against Lloyd Moyo.

Meanwhile Colleta Wakuruwarehwa is the ladies National Champion. She won all her games in this tourney shrugging some competition from the Zengeni sisters Paidaishe and Tatenda who came second. Refiloe Mudodo was the youngest player in these ladies championships. She is only 8 years and managed to checkmate some big ladies finishing with 2,5 points. There was a lot of interesting games which were played in this tourney.

In the third section of the tourney ,the Candidates Lewis Kahoba was the winner with 8,5 points. He defeated James Vhezha, Cevan Murerwa and drew his final game against Pondo Tawanda who finished with 8 points. Jemba Jemuse was also tied on second position with the same points.

Mapuranga a scholar at Zengeza High was the toast of the day when he defeated Nigel Mabiza in round one, went to beat Anesu Masimba when he correctly sacrificed a piece before drawing against Farirai Gumbe in a long and scintillating game. He was however stopped by yours truly in round four in a dramatic fashion after he accepted a knight sacrifice and he lost quickly because after that all the other moves became forced. James Vhezha stopped me in round 5 when I made a silly blunder after leaving a knight hanging. Peter Tsai is another player who performed well he outwitted Tapiwa Gora in the last round sacrificing a Queen in the middle game and Tapiwa had nothing to do but to resign. James Vhezha failed to get a prize. The top ten was mainly made up of those with 8,5 points up to 7 points.

On special prizes, Alpha Chaendera was the best under 14 player. Tapiwa Chikwavaire was the second best under 14 players. Kudzai Mhandu was the best under 12 player while Collins Mabodongwa was the second best under 12 player. Dhapeta of Mutare was the oldest player of the tourney in the candidates section. Nomalungelo Mathe was the best lady in the Candidates section.

They got some cash prizes. There was a record turnout for the Candidates players were not able to fit in the playing venue due to the big turnout. Some players had to wait outside the playing venue to get their turn to play. It was the highest number ever. There was a minute of silence observed to remember the late Reuben Muza who was an arbiter.

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