Number of Mozambican cases of corruption rising, says GCCC

Mozambique’s Central Office for the Fight against Corruption (GCCC) has warned that the number of state employees accused of acts of corruption is on the rise.

Speaking on Thursday, the director of the GCCC, Ana Maria Gemo, said that 599 cases against members of the public administration were processed by her office between January and June of this year. This compares with a figure of 509 cases in the same period of 2012 – a rise of almost 18 per cent.

395 of these cases fell into the legal definition of corruption, while the other 204 were cases of the theft of state funds.

Addressing the opening session of the annual meeting of the GCCC, Gemo said that 19 citizens were caught red-handed, compared with 10 in the first half of 2012.

She argued that cases of corruption occur because of weak mechanisms of internal control. These included failures in accountability, weaknesses in monitoring and supervision, a lack of inspections or of regular internal audits, and defective coordination between the various sectors of one and the same public institution, particularly the sectors responsible for processing wages.

Attorney-General Augusto Paulino told the meeting that the best way to fight against corruption is to prevent it. That prevention should not be limited to giving talks on corruption to civil servants – it should also include making recommendations to state institutions on how to deal with weaknesses revealed by audits.

“In the fight against corruption and fraud we have to invest in preventing these ills, just as much as we invest in combating them”, said Paulino. “It’s no good fighting cases that have already occurred, while others keep on appearing like mushrooms in the rainy season”.

He warned that the GCCC annual meeting must not become “a club of lamentations about everything that hasn’t been done. Much less should we rejoice in the quality of our excuses for not meeting the targets that were laid down”.

“What the people want is not good quality excuses, but the final result”, he declared.

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