Open Letter to Tsvangirai and MDC

Dear President Tsvangirai, MDC Leaders and MDC members, Now is the time to stand in unity: political parties, civic society, churches and Zimbabweans; first our unity must be in Christ and secondly as Zimbabweans.


May I make the following suggestions; 1) Take a hard, firm, fair and unwavering stance with SADC, the AU, President Zuma and SA. Tell them the time has come for the truth and we are NOT going to accept the status quo of what Zimbabwe has become with ZPF.

Present ALL inconsistencies, evidence and the truth as it is on the ground and make it clear that they have reneged on their promise to be a fair and just mediator and guarantor; even if the list is long and detailed. The world must know! They have failed spectacularly in this and sacrificed the people of Zimbabwe for a grossly rigged election and a violent party whose human rights record is appalling.

This time we are NOT going to take this lying down. And I am not talking about violence but peaceful resistance. I am talking about the truth!

2) Petition: Get your youths and people in the cities, towns, villages and rural areas and in every constituency and ward to get ‘millions’ to sign a petition to SADC, AU and SA and even beyond! The petition could list the unfairness and gravity of the uneven playing field and we can append our signatures and ID numbers.

Zimbabweans in the Diaspora and those with access to internet can do this electronically. Everyone can get involved in this. Get thousands of individuals to write, email and sms their grievances to SADC, the AU and SA respectfully yet firmly and unequivocally.

SADC, the AU and SA must come to the understanding that no longer are people going to take what ZPF throws at them lying down.

3) May I suggest a slogan that becomes a clarion call among us all. We can sms it, email it, speak it, get stickers made, posters, tell each other on street corners and more. Never! Never! Never give-up! You could use four MDC open hands to put these words into.

4) Put out a strong call to all Zimbabweans: “Let us stand united, first in Christ Jesus and then as Zimbabweans for the truth in this nation to prevail. Let us fight this lie and evil passively and peacefully but in our millions. Let is fight it on our knees; let us fight it in prayer; let us fight it in our cities and towns and in our villages and rural areas.

Let us fight it with the power of the pen, the with the sound of our voices and with the power of unity. Let us fight it in truth. Let us take that peaceful fight to ZPF, to SADC, to the AU, to SA and to the world. Let us take that fight for peace and truth right into the heart of deception and evil that this nation has become.” People need strong voices to follow.

5) ALL voting/election aberrations must be made known; loudly and clearly. Let us take a leaf from ZPF’s book here such as their never ending yelp about illegal sanctions. Shout them out and don’t stop shouting the out. Write them out and don’t stop writing; email them out and don’t stop emailing. Musicians can sing them out and not stop singing. Get the momentum going. We are appalled by the AU and SADC’s and SA’s attitude.

We continue to pray for you and this nation. – Nan, Harare

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