Protest continues until Mugabe goes

Ephraim Tapa, founder of Restoration of Human Rights (Zimbabwe), plans to keep on protesting against the corrupt and criminal regime of President Robert Mugabe until free and fair elections are held in his country.

Human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, joined vigil supporters this week.
Human rights activist, Peter Tatchell, joined vigil supporters this week.

“Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years. He did not give up. He was under very harsh conditions. We are here in the United Kingdom and we believe that the environment is supportive, it is enabling and we will continue until a free and fair election under international supervision is held in Zimbabwe,” said Tapa.

“As soon as we have a free and fair election, I can guarantee that the majority of Zimbabweans in the UK will go home.”

The Office of National Statistics reported that 122,000 Zimbabwe born people were living in the UK in 2010, up from 49,524 in 2001 and only 7, 905 in 1971.

However, some community organisations say the figure could be much higher – anything between 200,000 to 500,000, if including undocumented immigrants.

About 100 Zimbabweans joined in the election day protest outside Zimbabwe House and then walked around the corner to make their presence felt outside the South African High Commission.

Zimbabwe Vigil has been organising protest meetings outside Zimbabwe House for the last 11 years.

One of Britain’s most high profile human rights campaigners, Peter Tatchell, attended the July 31 meeting.

“Robert Mugabe started out as a good leader but he has become corrupted. He has gone from being a liberation hero to a tyrant. He is worse than Ian Smith. The oppression of Robert Muygabe is worse than the ghastly racial oppression of Ian Smith.”

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