Shame on the BBC

EDITOR - So not only has Mugabe’s lot subverted the democratic process but they have mesmerized the BBC - I heard on the World Service a little while ago a hatchet job on the MDC in general and Morgan in particular. The claim was that Morgan has offered nothing! It is a fact that he has, on more than one occasion, offered/risked his life and many of the lives of his followers to bring democracy to his country. Dictatorship is all Mugabe has to offer and under his rule he is free to go on r

There were many others who made the final push for freedom. Some of us have been around long enough know that he came late into the struggle having languished relatively comfortably in Rhodesia’s jails (where did all those UNISA degrees come from?) before Machel protected him in Mozambique. The super-liberator spin on his personal history has been cleverly designed by the likes of Jonathon Moyo.

Humiliation at the hands of white racists would have affected him very deeply but unlike a great spirit like Mandela’s he still uses this as an excuse to punish white people. My recall is that the greatest moment of danger was in 1980 when his party took over power and his life was directly threatened by bombs planted by the right wing,SA-supported, old white enemy. – Diana Mitchel, UK (see my Who’s Who at

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