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Zimbabweans have used social networking sites to express their disappointment at President Robert Mugabe and Zanu (PF)’s victory.

One Facebook user posted: “With the elections results we’re receiving, I hope ZEC gives everyone his vote back and we redo this election”.

Another urged acceptance of the result saying life must go on. Some wondered if the events of June 2008 had a bearing on the events of July 31. “The mark of that June made the difference,” said the Facebook user.

Others noted that the MDC-T had been warned by the likes of National Constitutional Assembly’s Lovemore Madhuku, Job Sikhala and Raymond Majongwe against getting into bed with Zanu (PF). Zanu (PF)’s two-thirds majority was a cause of concern.

“With a two-thirds majority, it basically means the constitutional process was a waste of time and resources… l can already see Chidyausiku dusting the Lancaster House constitution off,” one post on Facebook said referring to the Chief Justice, Godfrey Chidyausiku.

Zimbabweans have been starved of open political debate on the country’s electronic media. Analysts said social media has become an important public sphere for people to air their views.

A Facebook user who had been vocal about the election results later posted that he had received a message from an individual purporting to be a member of the Central Intelligence Organisation. He said he was warned to stop his posts.

“A CIO telling me to keep quiet, sorry had forgotten there is freedom of speech,” he said. Some could not resist poking fun at war veteran Joseph Chinotimba.

“On a lighter note, our very own Chinoz is now in Parliament! I’m sure he will replace Senator David Coltart at the Ministry of Education.” SADC and African Union observers disappointed many.

“I have always disliked these SADC AU observers. They rush to comment before they know anything of the matter. To say this election was free and fair is not only a lie built on insufficient or wrong evidence but it’s utter rubbish!”

“Whatever the outcome of the election, we should only move in one direction: FORWARD,” another post said.

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