Standing at the crossroads

EDITOR - Our nation is at a crossroads. Our leaders are in turmoil and a political deadlock seems imminent. Many people have lost hope and the streets and fields are filled with depression.

The Church has been silent. God’s people are as discouraged and despondent as the communities that we live in. As a people we feel powerless – our voice has been stolen, our will has been subverted – again. But we must remember that God has a plan in this, although it may not be what we think is best for us.

We need to pray for the strength to rise up in the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ and battle mightily in the Heavens together as we banish our true enemy, satan, from our land. We claim the victory and the power of the Lord of Angel Armies throughout our nation. We declare God’s purposes in this land – His covering and Sovereign will to extend His Kingdom in our land – to turn the hearts of the fathers towards the children and the hearts of the children towards their fathers.

In a political sense this means putting the plight of the people on the hearts of the leaders and in a literal sense turning men’s hearts towards the fatherless generation of orphans that make up 15% of the population of Zimbabwe. May the peace and the joy of our Lord and Saviour reign in this whole nation.

God appoints leaders and determines who will govern a country – let us submit to His wisdom and know that He is God. Let us fight in the Spirit for the restoration of a spirit of righteousness and rejoice in the prevailing of His peace across Zimbabwe.

Christ has already won this victory and our lives are sealed in Him. But we need watchmen on the hills, those who will fearlessly declare God’s purposes to prevail in Zimbabwe and fight for the hearts of the multitudes who still do not know Him as Lord and Saviour. May our prayers be a searchlight in the darkness that clouds this nation today, pushing back the darkness and scattering our enemies in Jesus’ name! – The Warrior, by email

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