Too ghastly to contemplate

Editor - After 33 years of the same old rhetoric, sovereignty, patriotism and empowerment, another five years of Zanu (PF) misrule is too ghastly to contemplate for the people, hence they saw no reason to celebrate the party’s so-called landslide victory.

If one looks at the condition of the hospital, school, police station, just to mention but a few, there is virtually nothing to smile about. There is no chorus, no tune, no rhythm, about economic revival coming from State house, save for anti-Western sentiments and propaganda. The Octogenarian can hardly compose a tune worth lending an ear to, which explains why even his own party “zealots” cannot put on their dancing shoes.

Nevertheless, l am concerned about the level of scorn and ridicule poured on Morgan Tsvangirai. Without trying to sanitize his weaknesses as one made of flesh, he tried to salvage the country from total collapse in 2008. To some arm-chair critics, going to bed with Zanu (PF) was the greatest mistake he made. But they miss the fact that we are dealing with a person who doesn’t care, who wants to be buried with the country that he has claimed as his, and run as a personal fiefdom.

Therefore, the question is, as a nation, where do we go from here? The brazen ballot theft should not divide us, but we should rather stand in unison, reject folly, look ahead, see the signs and stop pretending we are blind. We should open our eyes and be objective, otherwise character assassination and mud-slinging will reduce all of us, our children and grand-children, to paupers, whilst a few swim in riches.

Only our collective efforts will make a difference. – Tich, by email

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