Tsvangirai more popular than MDC

EDITOR - Here are the total voting figures I was able to collect from 20 Mbare polling stations (across all four wards, straddling 3 constituencies).

Click here to download totals-20polling.pdf

I have compared the number of votes for the presidential candidate, parliamentary candidate and councillor candidate for each party and given the figure for parliamentary and council candidates as a percentage of the vote for the presidential candidate.

There are some differences by ward, as the popularity of parliamentary and council candidates varies , but one clear trend emerges: Morgan Tsvangirai is more popular in Mbare than his party.

Robert Mugabe is less popular in Mbare than his party, though the margin is smaller. A lot of pundits are telling us, from their comfortable foreign refuge or from the depths of their academic armchairs, that Morgan is finished. Clearly down on the frontline some people have a different opinion. – MM, Mbare

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