Voter’s Roll did it

EDITOR - The analysis we have done on this roll shows that it contains at least 1 million dead voters; goodness knows how many absent voters who now reside in the Diaspora.

Fake IDs
Fake IDs

We know that there are over 350 000 people who are over 85 years old and 109 000 over a hundred years old, one of which – an army officer — is 135 years old. We found 838 000 duplicate names: same name, same address, same date of birth, different ID numbers. All the ID’s checked were genuine and had been issued by the Registrar General.

We found 500 000 people had been moved out of their resident areas to other electoral districts, 45 000 people had their ID numbers changed without their consent. Registering voters was a nightmare for the MDC.

On the Zanu (PF) side they simply drew up lists of people and handed them in for registration.

They moved hundreds of thousands of people into strategic areas in preparation for the Poll. Some 250 000 families – over a million people, were settled on farms taken away from their owners in the peri urban areas. They then opened offices there and “sold” small plots of land to homeless people in the crowded towns.

These people were told that they were there by courtesy of Zanu (PF) and that on the day of the battle they were expected to vote Zanu (PF). To reinforce this, their registration details were changed to a selected electoral District and they were told where to vote and that the Party would thereby be able to tell how they voted. Eviction was the threat.

Storm troopers were carefully brought onto the battle field – thousands were accommodated on a farm outside Chitungwiza owned by a Zanu (PF) company, called Koala Park.

In the Commercial farming Districts they simply told the 500 000 or so “settlers” that any sign of a vote for the MDC would make them lose their land.

The structures of the MDC were smashed and their leadership beaten or killed. In the Tribal areas they told all Chiefs (who were also promised rich rewards) that no voting for the MDC would be tolerated. Headmen – the backbone of rural Africa, were instructed to marshal their people, record names and ID numbers and then arrange for them to vote at a specified polling station.

They were told what would happen to them and their families, homes and livestock, if they voted MDC. With three quarters of all seats in the House of assembly in these areas, this alone guaranteed them victory on the day.

How far would the ANC go to retain power? – John, by email

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