We all need special treatment: Assassin

UK-based Zimbabwean Hip Hop sensation Rhyme Assassin will launch another single track titled ‘Treat me like a lady’ next week. It features celebrated artists Prometheus, Vanessa (Astral Vee), Lil Cuz and Lil T.

Assassin : we need to live an equal life.
Assassin : we need to live an equal life.

“This single reflects the challenges faced by men and women in their everyday lives,” he explained. “We need to live an equal life in the societies; either men or women we should treat one another as women, who always get special treatment. I believe and hope this track will change and influence societies for better. It will be broadcast live worldwide for the first time next week.”

Rhyme Assassin is renowned for singing against xenophobia, violence and abuse, while promoting peace, unity and love. His previous singles include Ishe Tenzi, Black Hope, Fear (of Dreams), Idhara Vamwe, , Mese Muchiri Mutamba, Amai, and City is Mine.

Original born Tichaona Monera in 1981, he spent the early years of his life in Highfield. He started writing songs and performing at high schools gigs. Between 1999 and 2001 he made some significant progress on the music scene, featuring in various contests with one notable performance at the Miss Waterfalls. Shortly afterwards he left for the United Kingdom where he re-launched his music career.

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