Windfall for maize growers

Growers of maize will next season benefit from increased prices for their maize, in a move that is also likely going to attract farmers to grow maize.

The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) has increased the producer price of maize for the 2013/14 marketing season, from $310 to $387. This follows a directive by government, through the ministry of agriculture.

The new price will encourage farmers to supply their surplus to GMB. In the previous season, the low price offered by GMB forced farmers to sell their maize to manufacturers of feeds, as they were offering higher prices.

This year, Zimbabwe experienced a lower maize yield and there is a food deficit situation. The country has already started to import maize from Zambia. Zimbabwe used to be the breadbasket of Southern Africa, exporting maize to several countries. Now it has become a basket case.

Low maize yields this year were as a result of erratic rains and lack of adequate inputs.

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