Zanu (PF)’s democracy on a platter

Why you are shouting so loudly? I can hardly hear what you are saying.

Let us make no mistake about it: Zanu (PF) “won” the recent elections because they were unfair. They used state resources, the military, the police and the media as if they belong to them. They excluded those who they knew would vote against them from voting and the whole process lacked transparency and accountability – especially on the part of the ZEC. They intimidated the ignorant and abused the office of the Registrar General – a willing accomplice in the whole charade The process was not fair and credible. Period. No amount of gloating or insults can change that fact.

By continually distorting the facts and literally bullying everyone, Zanu (PF) has claimed victory over the “enemy” and given us “democracy” on a platter. I am anxious to see what they have in store for us now.

What can we expect? As soon as Parliament sits, I expect all the laws that limit my freedom and liberty to be repealed. Those laws that limit my freedom of association and freedom of speech shall be history. The media laws that limit my access to any information or broadcast that I choose shall also go. We will see a plethora of new radio stations, television stations and newspapers that reflect a vibrant democracy and multiple views. No more long hours of Zanu (PF) propaganda on TV anymore – and I can now listen to or watch the news that I want. What a pleasure!

Any democracy thrives on free access to information, right? So I can even force the government to give me an electronic copy of the voters roll. Hmmm I wonder where it is? I can now expect the government to give me details of all information I need even information on diamond mining and revenue; how much are we earning and where is it going? After all, transparency is key.

I can now say what I want, without getting threats from the CIO. I can point out what’s wrong with government or its leadership and it won’t be taken personally or treated as a crime. All this is in the spirit of promoting a vibrant participative democracy. Zimbabwe will never be the same again!

With democracy, we all can now participate in every decision that affects us. No government minister can impose on us something we don’t want. I can even challenge them because they are public servants and therefore accountable to me! All public servants must now account for their assets and can no longer run their personal businesses during office hours. What a pleasure, corruption will be history!

The implication of our new found freedom is that not only those who participated in the liberation struggle can claim entitlement to power – right? Every Zimbabwean citizen can now aspire to be President and can establish their political party without any problems. The military can even salute them, no questions asked. That’s democracy talking!

Those who lost assets during the farm invasions or Murambatsvina can now be compensated for their losses. Remember that even minorities are protected under democracy, so no more racism in Zimbabwe. That’s awesome!

NGOs can now operate as they wish and no minister can ban them. No minister has the right to interfere with local government, or give numerous directives to fire democratically elected councilors and impose his cronies. Our communities are responsible for their own fate under our new “democracy”.

We will all soon have unfettered access to basic rights such as housing, running water, electricity and access to health services in a clean environment.

The wealth of this country can now be all ours as long as you were born here or are a citizen. The term ‘alien’ is now gone. Our mineral wealth is all ours and we will shortly see the government accountings for every penny that the country earns. Transparency, accountability and ethical government are all here to stay.

No more issues of not getting business opportunities because you don’t support Zanu (PF), or national assets being dished out on a partisan basis. Equality of opportunity is sacrosanct under our democracy.

You see, as we now have democracy on a platter, thanks to Zanu (PF), the people are in charge and our government is accountable to them alone.

So we should have investors piling up at the airport and unemployment will be a thing of the past. Private property rights, which underpin any democracy, should have finally arrived.

Finally my country can live up to its full potential to the benefit of all. My sincere thanks must go to Zanu (PF) who have delivered this democracy on a platter in the recent elections. Who needs the West, SADC or even AU to tell us what democracy is? – – Vince Musewe is an economist based in Harare; you may contact him on [email protected]

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