ZCTU warns Zanu (PF)

Zanu (PF) should address workers’concerns and pay them salaries in line with the Poverty Datum Line, the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has said.

During the campaign period, Zanu (PF) promised to address workers’ grievances. The majority of government workers currently earn far below the poverty datum line, which is pegged at around $540.

ZCTU President, George Nkiwane, said his union was aware that the sentiments from Zanu (PF) could have been an attempt to hoodwink the electorate into voting for it. He said the ZCTU would vigorously engage with the Zanu (PF) government to fulfill its pre-election promise. “Before we embark on any action, the first port of call is engagement.

We will try our best to encourage our affiliates from the government and the private sector to engage their employers. On our part, through the tripartite negotiating forum, we will push government to ensure that our demands are met just like they promised during their campaigns,” said Nkiwane.

He added that workers had been taken for granted for too long. “We hoped that the government would address our concerns but they never did. That is why we are saying that this time around, we will take action to show them that we are serious about this issue,” said Nkiwane.

This month, ZCTU Secretary General, Japhet Moyo, warned that a Zanu (PF) government would likely worsen the plight of workers in the country.

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