Zinwa cuts off sugar cane farmers

The Zimbabwe National Water Authority has cut irrigation water supply to sugar cane farmers in the Lowveld. The move which will heavily affect sugar production amid reports that the water level in Lake Mutirikwi, the largest inland dam in the country, has dropped steeply to 16.5 percent.

The lake is a main source of water in the region. Zinwa Masvingo Area Manager, Johannes Juma, said the move was necessary to provide for domestic consumption by Masvingo urban residents.

“The water level in Mutirikwi has dropped so we are reserving the water in the dam for domestic consumption only. We have stopped supplying the Lowveld and this will certainly affect sugar cane production as many farmers will be forced to reduce their hectarage,” he said

Statics obtained at the Zinwa offices show that Mutirikwi’s capacity is well below last August’s 25.52 percent, while Bangala had a sharp drop of 19.36 percent from 25.35 percent the previous year. Muzhwi , Manjirenje and Manyuchi dams also recorded significant drops.

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