Bhasikiti vows to fight corruption

The allocation of Masvingo’s prime sugar cane farms, animal conservancies in the Save Valley and the work of Community Share Ownership Schemes need investigation, says Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, the new Minister of State for Provincial Affairs.

Kudakwashe Bhasikiti: enough is enough!
Kudakwashe Bhasikiti: enough is enough!

The Mwenezi East legislator has vowed to fight corruption among his peers in his party within the province. He told The Zimbabwean that he would rectify any irregularities in the allocation of land in and around Chiredzi and investigate the illegal occupants of conservancies in the Save and Devure areas.

“Corruption has become a tradition of doing things; a few elite are benefiting at the expense of the ordinary people and that must come to an end.

“Imagine a project which is supposed to benefit 10,000 people – but only benefits two or three politicians. I was in the Anti-Corruption Committee in Parliament and I cannot relax when corruption is retarding development in my own province. Enough is enough; those involved in corruption must stop or be ready to be taken to the cleaners,” declared Bhasikiti.

Zanu (PF) bigwigs in Masvingo and beyond have allegedly given themselves sugar cane farms in Chiredzi, conservancies Devure and Save and other foreign-owned companies.

“I know I will face resistance from some of my colleagues who are the beneficiaries of corruption but I will not be deterred,” said Bhasikati, without naming them. “Many influential people in the province have benefited from corruption. It’s better to be an enemy of the few elite and save the ordinary people who voted Zanu (PF) into office.”

Masvingo must be able to feed itself and tackle unemployment. “Our manifesto emphasized empowerment and development; we want to tackle unemployment and I will inform the President about the developments on the ground,” he said.

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