Chipanga uses church to spread message

Popular musician Hosiah Chipanga has turned to preaching the word of God through his church – Messiah’s Apostolic Prophetic Inspired People’s Institute (Mapipi).

Hosiah Chipanga: I will never stop preaching.
Hosiah Chipanga: I will never stop preaching.

“It is very unfortunate that one is persecuted for telling the truth. Despite all these problems that I have faced I will soldier on. They have banned some of my songs and I have received threats from some people, but I will never stop preaching the messages affecting the people and that is why I have formed this church,” he said in a wide-ranging interview.

Chipanga said the banning of some of his songs had actually given him more enthusiasm and resilience to continue spreading the “words of wisdom.”

“My church is a platform for people in all walks of life to freely defeat evil and obey God’s commandments. I will be moving around preaching the word of God. It is not that I have quit music, but I will allocate time in all my shows to preach the word,” said the talented composer. “I will mix both music and preaching about the social and economic problems that are affecting our society,” he added.

One of his fans, Moses Kuswetuka, said: “This is another good way for Chipanga to meet and communicate with his fans. I think he will be able to catch a wider audience through his church. I wish him good luck.”

“Even though there have been some cases where some politicians who have been trying to shut my mouth, I know that there are people out there who are with me in all these difficult times. I pay tribute to them because these are the people that have kept me going,” said Chipanga, adding that he hoped his church would not be mistaken for a political party.

“Although some of my songs have been previously viewed as political, I hope that my church will not be viewed as a political party or a platform to discuss politics. Zimbabweans have their right to public information and entertainment. It is unfortunate that things have gone like this, but I will fight until my message gets to the people,” said Chipanga.

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