Corruption begins with parliamentarians, top government officials: Chinotimba

Corruption in Zimbabwe begins with top government officials and parliamentarians, said Zanu (PF) Member of Parliament for Buhera South, Joseph Chinotimba.

Joseph Chinotimba
Joseph Chinotimba

In his contribution to parliamentary debate today, Chinotimba said the majority of Zimbabweans continued to suffer economic hardships as a result of corruption at the highest levels of government.

He called on legislators and responsible arms of government to implement calls by President Robert Mugabe, to stamp out corruption from Zimbabwe in all its forms.

“There is no reason why Mugabe’s resolutions should fail to see the light of the day,” Chinotimba said.

The self-styled war veteran cum legislator urged government to allocate emergency funds to the Grain Marketing Board and Ministry of Agriculture to purchase relief food for starving people.

Speaking in vernacular (Shona), Chinotimba said given the famine which was taking its toll on some people, the funds should be distributed without parliamentary intervention.

“Hyenas have invaded my constituency attacking villagers because of scarcity of food,” said Chinotimba.

Government was urged to expedite distribution of agriculture inputs ‘since failure to do so before end of this month would spell disaster to the 2013-2014 farming season’.

He described food shortages in Buhera South as serious. Chinotimba urged parliamentarians to perform and deliver as expected ‘not just coming to warm seats in the August House’.

The Zimbabwe National Roads Authority was challenged to spread its highway infrastructure upgrading activities to rural gravel roads.

Contributing to the debate, Member of Parliament for Bikita West, Karikoga Kereke, said the Constituency Development Fund should not be regarded as a token since it was the quickest and most significant intervention vehicle to development.

“Parliament should therefore set rules and framework for a transparent administration of the funds,” Kereke told the National Assembly.

On farming, Kereke said the agriculture sector cannot be revived without direct government support.

He said promises made by President Mugabe to the agriculture sector should be implemented timeously, since Zimbabwe was already in the farming season with no inputs in sight.

Kereke said for Mugabe’s proposed economic revival road map to be successful, corruption should be fought both at individual and institutional levels.

He called for collaborated effort between the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Unit and police, to eliminate corruption which has turned cancerous.

Several Zanu (PF) legislators who contributed to the debate showered praises and congratulatory messages on President Mugabe following his landslide election victory.

They described the Mugabe and Zanu (PF) harmonised election victories as triumph for SADC, Africa and all agents of democracy.

Today’s parliamentary session was aimed at debating President Robert Mugabe’s speech made at the opening of the house on September 17.

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