Goromonzi complete Mufakose double

Goromonzi High School completed a double over Mufakose 2 High in the schools national chess league at the weekend.

The highly-fancied Mufakose had defeated St. Ignatius in their first match of the day, after Paddington Dzinzi won both matches on Board One to become one of the best Board One players in the league so far.

On Board 2, Anesu Gwezere of Goromonzi shared the spoils, while Panashe Gatsi won another interesting game, which saw him threaten an inevitable checkmate that was a delight to their coach.

Kudzaishe Manyanya won a scintillating game which was the decider of the matches on the day as the teams were tied on 2,5, but his win capped it for his school. Goromonzi dismissed the much fancied St. Johns Emerald Hill 4-2, Paidaishe Zengeni being their star player of the day, after he defeated Anesu Gwezere on Board 2.

Anotidaishe Gota lost to Donald Chiwundura and Gromonzi won on the other four boards to complete their triumph. Mabvuku played against an equally-strong Prince Edward and on Board One, FM Matemavi played against Jeremiah Jekera, while Lawrence Tavagwisa faced Munyaradzi Thom who had a daunting task of stopping the attacker.

Tavagwisa won his game as well as Alpha Chaendera who was on Board 3 against Thomas Amin. The game went on to a rook ending with pawns, but Alpha won it technically. Prince Edward lost on boards 4, 5 and 6. Matemavi and Jekera’s game was the last to finish, doing so in a blitz ending that saw Matemavi lose under time pressure in a tricky position in which he had a pair of rooks and pawns versus a King, Queen and pawns.

Mabvuku then dismissed St. Johns Emerald Hill 5-1, with Paidaishe Zengeni the star player of the day following his triumph over Munyaradzi Thom in a pulsating game.

Donald Chiwundura lost to Trevor Macheka who was on board four, while Tariro Mwendamberi lost to Brian Shokoni and Solomon Chimuzura won on board 6 to complete the victory for Mabvuku.

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