Is he insecure?

Dear Aunty Lisa

My husband has always supported my education. He encouraged me to further my studies and paid for my fees. I passed my O levels and I recently passed my A levels at the age of 26. Now he no longer supports the idea of me going to university. I have shown an interest in studying for an undergraduate degree, but he does not take it well. It is funny that there is an element of him feeling jealous or insecure about me getting educated. This is funny because he is educated himself. He has a Masters’ degree in Animal Science. It is strange that he is now doubtful of supporting me with this dream. – Felly

Dear Felly

I am not sure of the arrangement you had with your husband when you began your studies, but it certainly does not make any sense to prove yourself capable and just stop there. I respect your husband for empowering you and I admire you for your courage and perseverance to follow your dreams.

Your husband may be acting the way he is because of some changes in you. Take time to reflect on your relationship and how you have been handling yourself. If you have been disrespecting him or acting differently in his eyes, he may feel that you are now more powerful than him. You need to remain humble and give him a good reason to smile and say to himself he did the right thing in supporting you through this education. He will only feel insecure if your behaviour suggests that if you are to go for a degree you might begin to fill yourself with self-love.

There may have been nothing you have done to suggest to him that you no longer respect him because of your education. His fear may be driven by mere assumptions that you will disrespect him when you are a graduate. Sit down with him and explain to him how you grateful you are for his support in the past and let him know that you will always love him. He needs to know that if education is to change you, it will change you for the better. – Aunty Lisa

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