Mashakada’s widow revives band

Eunice (52), wife of the late legendary Gospel Sungura music king Cephas Mashakada, is in the process of rebuilding Sounds of the Muddy Face Band - the musical outfit left by her husband.

Eunice Mashakada: taking guitar lessons.
Eunice Mashakada: taking guitar lessons.

Together with some surviving members of the band and a few new recruits, Eunice recently composed and released a gem of an album titled ‘Let them Talk’. It has been causing waves on radio since its launch at the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Services’ studios in Harare on September 13.

The five tracks on the album include hit songs such as Madhuwe, Matare, Samson, Mweya Mutsvene, Moyo Wangu and an instrumental of the popular Mumureverere done by Cephas. Speaking to The Zimbabwean at her Chitungwiza Unit B family house, Eunice said she had never imagined herself as a musician.

“The musical career came into being one night when my late husband featured in my dreams giving instructions on how to compose songs,” said Eunice, who is both the band leader and lead vocalist.

She woke up to compose some songs and what followed is now history. Tete Mashakada, as Eunice is now popularly known by neighbours as a result of educative messages in the song Madhuwe, said the sky was the limit for her new career, as she did not want to disappoint her husband of 35 years and his legion of fans.

In her bid to step into Cephas’s shoes, Eunice having lessons on how to play the lead guitar, which made her husband a household name. Currently, The Sounds of The Muddy Face is without a promoter or musical guidance from seasoned musicians.

“If we could secure services of a promoter and professional guidance from veteran musicians, we would speedily take our musical career to greater heights,” Eunice said.

She called on popular musicians who benefited from Cephas’s goodwill to give the band tips on how to perfect its skills. She is struggling with some male band members defying her leadership as she is a woman.

The band holds live musical shows around Chitungwiza and surrounding towns. When Cephas’s estate was distributed, Eunice inherited the musical kit, house and family car while other assets, including a lorry, were distributed to the children.

She was issued with the Certificate of Administration by the Zimbabwe Music Rights Association, making her the sole collector of the late Cephas’s royalties from Zimura. She is also the only person legally allowed to direct activities of Sounds of The Muddy Face.

“No other person will use Cephas’s songs without authority from the rightful heir as stated,” reads part of the Certificate of Administration issued on February 24, 2012. During his musical career, Cephas released dozens of albums which included Ndiri Mutadzi, Samson, Nherera, Mazita ane Zvaanoreva, Musacheme, Mharidzo and Basa Ndasiya Ndapedza.

Ownership of the band, however, spilled into the courts following some family misunderstanding reportedly fanned by band members who felt short-changed.

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