MDC changed the political landscape

EDITOR - Although so many people are still in a state of shock and disappointment that the MDC formations failed to win the 31 July elections, it is important to recognise that they changed the political landscape of this country. Political tolerance is slowly becoming a reality. This is a monumental achievement which should be religiously protected.

As a result, today people can wear party regalia and walk freely without fear of political reprisals by misguided and politically protected miscreants. From 1980 to date, our political history is littered with pain and sad memories. Lives and property were needlessly lost simply because people did not embrace Zanu (PF) as their party of choice.

Many can testify that being a voice of reason or opposing that party was an unforgivable sin. When they say, “down with So and So”, believe you me, that fellow will rue the day he was born. The Catholic Church used to be a voice of the voiceless in this country but since forces of evil were set on their courageous bishop, some priests are afraid even to see the faithful reading pastoral letters from their bishops.

It is unfortunate that education seems to have reduced us to a nation of people who take pride in displaying their qualifications at the expense of achieving the spirit of oneness. Years of social deprivation have taught us that the best way to go up the rungs of success is to embrace cronyism, adulation and flattery of leaders.

So many people are sympathising with the MDC formations for their loss because they appreciate that the rot in the country was stopped by them. But instead of regrouping and strategising to win the hearts and minds of the electorate, they easily fall in Zanu(PF)’s trap to spend their time in speeches to prove that they hold PhDs and other qualifications. The MDC brand must be preserved at all costs.

Since the swearing in ceremony for MPs around the corner, MDC-T must go to Parliament so that they can correct what went wrong during the GNU. MPs and councillors should guard against the trappings of power as they assume duty in the new political dispensation. They should take pride in that they control our cities.

Reforms are still needed in so many sectors. For example, ZBC should not behave like a mouthpiece for one political party. The national broadcaster must not be used as a tool to sing for supper or demonise any voice of reason. Political parties must be treated equally by ZBC to communicate their policies. The airwaves must be opened up. – Enock Kwinika, Beitbridge

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