Mugabe not serious about corruption

EDITOR - It would appear Comrade Mugabe’s post-election-theft remarks against corruption are a gimmick to hoodwink Zimbabweans into believing that he is really geared to fight this scourge. But actually it is nothing but a ploy to exonerate those involved in past incidents, because he knows all too well that his family and the top brass in Zanu (PF) have looted national resources, and he does not want them investigated.

He himself has abused his authority by acquiring several farms against the one man one farm rule set by his own government, so has his wife, and several party officials, among them Ignatius Chombo and Obert Mpofu. But Mugabe knows he owes his successful election theft to these corrupt officials, hence he doesn’t want them investigated. He knows that his officials fraudulently secured election campaign money from the Democratic Republic of Congo and China to enable him to steal the people’s vote; hence he wants to concentrate only on new cases of corruption and allow himself, his family and his corrupt to continue to enjoy their ill-gotten wealth.

What he doesn’t know is that people who prosper from ill-gotten wealth will not stop their corrupt activities.

He ignored Thabo Mbeki’s tip that his ministers were approaching South African authorities and companies for bribes. The people of Zimbabwe will only rejoice when Mugabe, his family and ministers return what they took for themselves at the expense of the country. – Daniel Berejena, Gweru

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